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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Fraud Notice Alfinas and Songhai Capital Partners' Brands

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Beware of imposters posing as Alfinas and Songhai Capital Partners' officers or claiming to represent the companies or company group affiliates. members and principals.

Alfinas Investment Group, Ltd has recently learned through Linked-in and of a group of persons mainly based in Africa involved in posing as the company officers or falsely claiming to represent the company or company group affiliates while soliciting or offering business opportunities, employment opportunities on behalf of our companies.

Please note that Alfinas and Songhai Capital Partners do not have an office located in Africa nor employees based in Africa.

The information on Alfinas/Songhai Capital Partners that are listed on Zoominfo .com ( see the link below) is fraudulent :

Please note that the following individuals are not or have never been members of the Songhai Capital Partners team, as they claimed. Alfinas and affiliates entertain no relationship (business or personal) with them at all:

  • Godfrey Akalonu (Nigeria) - on linked-in

  • Adelani Bernadin Hounsa (Nigeria) - on LinkedIn

  • Rudin Kpobadagni (Cotonou-Benin) - Linkedin

  • Afolasade Akintoye (Nigeria) - on Linkedin

  • Kayo Kazna Coulibaly (Fada Ngouma, Burkina Faso) - on Linkedin

  • 2 unnamed Linkedin members, both based in Benin

  • Cyrille Ogoucina (Benin) - on Linkedin

  • Maremé Marshall (Cotonou. Benin) - on Linkedin

Alfinas Investment Group (Alfinas Alternative Investment Advisory, Alfinas Alternative Capital Advisers, Songhai Capital Partners Fund, and Songhai Investors ) and the group affiliates and officers have absolutely no involvement with these people and their fraudulent practices, and we do not make such solicitations.

Do not respond to these emails or communicate with the sender, and do not provide the sender with any personal or financial information. Also, avoid clicking on links included in the emails, or the attachments, as doing so may result in malware or a virus being loaded on the recipient’s computer.

For inquiries concerning this matter, don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

Be aware of this scam, and if you receive email solicitations from anyone posing as our company and its group affiliates or company officers that appears even remotely suspicious, contact us immediately. by: using the contact form on this webpage: CONTACT | Alfinas, or log in to connect with our team members: Members | Alfinas

Published by: Alfinas' Team Members

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