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Alfinas Investment Advisory - Portfolio Guidance



The portfolio advisory services are part of our Solutions and Multi-Manager capability and specialize in managing outsourced CIO programs, custom single or multi-asset alternative investment programs. The team has expertise in partnering with institutional and qualified investors to understand their unique needs and crafting solutions to help them achieve their overall investment objectives.


Tailored for Multi-Manager Portfolios


Selection of individual funds aligned to clients' needs.

Alfinas Pie Chart
Alfinas Pie Chart

An asset allocation fund or managed solution is an investment made up of funds that have been carefully selected to form a portfolio.  Alfinas Advisers work with your team to help  you determining the right mix of investments for your portfolio.

Asset Allocation Funds


Separately managed accounts for  customizable solutions.

Alfinas Pie Chart
Alfinas Pie Chart

Advisory Solutions

Alfinas Advisers  provide advice and counsel for integration of  alternative , niches and real assets in your  investment programs, working with your investment team and governance structure to implement effectively.

Alfinas Pie Chart

Private Labelling solutions  give access to open-end funds, closed-end funds and co-investment programs designed to help meet your specific style and risk profile within your real multi-asset portfolio.


Diversified  model portfolios built with client goals in mind.

Private Label Solutions

Leveraging our core competencies of manager research, asset allocation, and portfolio construction, we create portfolios that are comprehensive multi-manager investment solutions designed to meet a variety of client priorities, investment style preferences, and account sizes.

Added Value


  • Gain insight into a portfolio's allocation of risk using multiple lenses

  • Quantify underlying sources of risk and return

  • Identify fund level improvements to potentially enhance the matrix of funds you use


  • Obtain perspective on the dynamic interaction of portfolio assets

  • Customize your review to meet your specific requirements

  • Consult with risk analytics professionals to understand gaps and hidden risks

Alfinas Portfolio Advisory - City View


1. UNDERSTAND                                                      

PLAN: a clear plan is key in helping you meet your longer-term goals.

We take the time to listen to you, understand your needs and determine your risk/return profile based on a series of factors. Then we work together to maximize your investment opportunities..

Samples of factors include:

  • Return expectations

  • Risk tolerance

  • Time horizon

  • Liability structure

  • Investment restrictions



DESIGN: Designing an investment portfolio that considers your attitude to risk and your capacity for risk.

With reference to your investor profile and risk tolerance analysis, we create an Investment  We draw an investment roadmap  with simulation of expected returns.   

Modelised strategy include: 

  • Wealth optimisation

  • Capital préservation 

  • Income generation or enhancement 

  • Liquidity planning

  • Liability match

  • Risk control / oprtimization

  • Combination of investment strategies



BUILD:  Our building block approach adapts to fit  different goals: total return , current income , growth income,  capital appreciation. and preservation of capital.

It relies on  a diversified, cost -effective core allocation and add degrees of portfolio complexity when it makes sense, all in an easy and scalable way.

Five key straightforward  implementation principles::

  • A long-term investment horizon;

  • Diversification, to reduce volatility of returns and to protect against capital loss;

  • Limited use of tactical deviations from long-term asset allocation targets, primarily informed by extreme valuations;

  • Use of passive managers where we believe  they will add long-term value, after fees and expenses; and

  • A focus on risk-adjusted returns and active oversight of portfolio risk factors.. 



MONITOROversee your investments and generate insights on their performance, to evaluate the portfolio matrix. 
Run portfolio analytics and  diagnostic  as pat of the m
onitoring services offered in addition to an investment plan or as a stand-alone service.

We provide monthly, quarterly and bi-annual standardised        reporting.

  • Report on the risk, return, qualitative and qualitative factors

  • Monitor the investment managers’ adherence to the  investment  policy

  •  Collate data directly from the related institutions

We also provide bespoke reporting including peer group and investment manager comparisons, and more.



Alfinas Investment Advisory - Office Building


We welcome the opportunity to provide more information about our services and solutions.

Investing involves risks to your capital and returns are not guaranteed. Investing should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. The value of the tax reliefs referred to on this website will depend on personal circumstances. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Tifosy is not permitted to advise you in relation to any investment and you are recommended to seek independent financial advice when considering any investment.



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