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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Emergency Relief - Thousands of young African students call for help

Donation to:

Emergency aid for the African students, blocked in Ukraine or blocked at the borders of neighbouring countries in very dramatic conditions, victims of racism, they are left to their own devices, exhausted, without money, without food, without medicine. They cannot cross the borders because the neighbouring countries do not accept them as war refugees, because they consider them as economic migrants! We are organising a last-minute emergency aid for them.

A group of volunteers and our partners in Sofia (Bulgaria) are going to the borders of Ukraine's neighbouring countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania) to assess the situation and the needs. Many of these young people have used all their money to pay for bus and train tickets, but have been denied access to these same trains and buses; Some have even walked a hundred kilometres or more because they were not allowed to use public transport; others have paid a very expensive taxi-fare to get to the borders but have not been allowed to cross them. They are stranded, they have no money or tickets to continue their journey. They are desperate, stuck in the middle of nowhere, in no man's land!

The emergency aid will cover - if necessary by hiring busses in the EU to fetch them- for bus and train tickets, transit visas and other administrative documents, including the covid-19 test, as well as plane tickets for their repatriation to their country as soon as possible.

We were very moved by the distress of the African students who contacted us and decided to act. Any assistance will be welcome. (*)

They need your help!

African students make up about 20% of the foreign student population in Ukraine.

(*) Any non-European student from a developing country will be eligible for this support, subject to capacity.


To make a donation in EU/USD/CH or other currencies, please click on or copy and paste the following Paypal link into your browser

To make donations in cryptocurrencies, please use the following crypto wallet address

Bitcoin - BTC Wallet: 3DiemXw1yhFEYpXVs66yNqvMKns6RojKmh

Ethereum- ETH Wallet: 0xab4160Ac9a43d83CEB31540E51C99A10184D96eD

If you would like to receive more information about the dramatic situation or bring a material contribution, you can send an e-mail to:, or send us an e-mail via our website:

God bless you all - God bless them

Team Alfinas




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